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Convoy v0.9

Convoy v0.9 was a major release from our previous versions. We officially switched from MongoDB to PostgreSQL. We integrated two Message Brokers to ingest webhook events. Please read on to learn more about what we shipped in this release.

Release Highlights

  1. PostgreSQL Migration: We switched our primary datastore from MongoDB to PostgreSQL. We decided to make this change for a number of reasons:

    1. We want to provide easy migration for both data and schema changes. We struggled to provide this with MongoDB and it has constrainted our velocity to releasing features.
    2. We wanted to provide an easy way to upgrade data and schema changes when we release a new version. We struggled to do this successfully with MongoDB and we tried to fix it by writing our migration tool around MongoDB but we still do not have strong confidence in upgrading & downgrading a Convoy instance. Switching to PostgreSQL is our fix for this.
    3. We wanted a much more pleasant experience running Convoy on-prem. With many of our queries that required transactions. MongoDB (version 5+ as of this writing) you needed to run MongoDB as a replica set which was less than ideal.
  2. Message Brokers: We released support for ingesting webhook events from Message Brokers into Convoy. This will increase the overall delivery guarantees of webhook events from your backend services into Convoy. As of this release, Convoy supports both Google PubSub and Amazon SQS.

  3. Improved Dashboard: We made several improvements to our dashboard to provide a frictionless onboarding, and product experience.


The changelogs for this minor release version and any maintenance versions are listed below.

  1. Convoy version v0.9.2
  2. Convoy version v0.9.1
  3. Convoy version v0.9.0
  4. Convoy version v0.9.0-rc.3
  5. Convoy version v0.9.0-rc.2
  6. Convoy version v0.9.0-rc.1

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