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Convoy v0.7

We released Convoy v0.7 with new features, several bug fixes, UI enhancement, and performance improvements. Please take a look at the complete changelog.

Release Highlights

  1. Personal Access Tokens and CLI Tokens: We introduced Personal Access Tokens ( PAT ) and CLI Tokens to provide more flexibility in using Convoy. You can now sign into your Convoy instance using your personal access token. You can now authenticate your Convoy CLI using a CLI token scoped to a project.

  2. New UI: We rolled out a new UI with more detailed guides on setting up your projects on the dashboard and most importantly, we improved the user experience. You should tour the new dashboard to get a first-hand view of the new UI.

  3. Headless Convoy: We've upgraded our authentication system and added more resources to our APIs to enable you to run Convoy in headless mode as an independent infrastructure.

  4. Endpoint Authentication: We've added the option to enable you to add authentication to your endpoints. Endpoints can now require traditional authentication, like Basic authentication, API Key, etc., to receive events.

  5. Advanced Signatures: We've updated the signatures implementation in Convoy to parse both simple and advanced signatures. You can configure the type of signature send advanced signatures in your webhook request headers to Convoy.


The changelogs for this minor release version and any maintenance versions are listed below.

  1. Convoy version v0.7.5
  2. Convoy version v0.7.4
  3. Convoy version v0.7.3
  4. Convoy version v0.7.2
  5. Convoy version v0.7.1
  6. Convoy version v0.7.0
  7. Convoy version v0.7.0-rc.2
  8. Convoy version v0.7.0-rc.1

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