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Convoy v0.6

Release Highlights

  1. Bi-directional webhooks flow: Up till 0.5, Convoy has been by API providers to push webhook events to their customer’s endpoints. Starting in this release it has become possible to receive events from webhook
  2. Organisations & Team management: You can now management multiple organisations, invite team members to collaborate on a webhooks project. However, all team members are super users in the open core.
  3. Replace taskq with asynq for our worker system: We migrated our background job system from taskq to asynq. Asynq is much more stable background job library with a lot of observability features, this gives us a super-charged debugging experience working running an instance.
  4. Redesigned UI: Formerly, Convoy had a simple one-page dashboard to view all resources - events, event deliveries, applications etc. But it grew over time and became complex to show all necessary information. We’ve redesigned the UI to have a sidebar and multiple pages to show all resources more conveniently and provide a great experience.
  5. Events Search: From v0.6, we’ve provided a search bar to search through events payload. This will enable users debug and resolve issues faster
  6. Retention Policies: From v0.6, we’ve provided a mechanism to retain fresh data and archive old data in cold storage. This comes with a flexible configuration per project and only currently supports S3 storage buckets.


The changelogs for this minor release version and any maintenance versions are listed below.

  1. Convoy version v0.6.5
  2. Convoy version v0.6.4
  3. Convoy version v0.6.3
  4. Convoy version v0.6.2
  5. Convoy version v0.6.1
  6. Convoy version v0.6.0
  7. Convoy version v0.6.0-rc.3
  8. Convoy version v0.6.0-rc.2
  9. Convoy version v0.6.0-rc.1

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