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Sources are how events are routed into the system. In this segment, we discuss the various types of sources and their use cases. Convoy currently supports two types of sources: REST API sources and HTTP Ingested sources.


This is an authenticated API to push events to a Convoy instance. It is designed for an outgoing event project to push events to a specific endpoint. This source is only and automatically available for all outgoing projects.

HTTP Ingestion

This is an unauthenticated API to receive webhook events from third-party webhook providers like Github, Shopify etc, It is designed for incoming projects to receive events from any provider. For each provider, a source needs to be configured with its necessary verification. Once configured, we provide you with a unique link to be supplied to the provider.


Source verification can be configured in four different ways on Convoy:

  1. Hmac: Hmac is a common mechanism most providers support for webhooks. Providers like Shopify, Stripe etc. Creating a Hmac source looks like the below:

create hmac source

For HMAC verification mechanism, Convoy provides support for simple and advanced signatures.

  1. Basic Authentication: While not popular supported some providers user this mechanism to verify events. Creating a Basic Auth source looks like the below:

create basic auth source

  1. API Keys: Similar to Basic Authentication, API Keys while not popular are used by some providers to verify events. Providers like Mono

create API key source

  1. Custom Verification: For some providers, like Github and Twitter the core verification mechanisms aren't sufficient. Though they are wrap around the core mechanisms, these modules have to be built specifically for eah provider.

Currently, we have support for GitHub, and have planned support for Twitter and Shopify. You can request new sources by sending an email to [email protected].

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Updated at December 05, 2022

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