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This page contains fixes for some of the known installation and usage errors encountered when using Convoy across different platforms.

Docker and Docker Compose

If you have any issues deploying Convoy with either Docker or Docker compose, please reach out on the Slack channel.

Redis instance fails to connect.

Ensure that your Redis connection string is in the correct format and that you can connect to the instance using redis-cli from the same machine.

Events Stuck in Scheduled or Processing State

This can happen in older version of Convoy and is a result of a bug where we register workers on a process that doesn't also register the handler. What you can do is to update Convoy to a more recent version and run the retry command

# if you are using the binary
convoy retry --status="Scheduled" --time="1h"

# if you are using docker
docker run -d -p 5009:5009 --name retry -v `pwd`/convoy.json:/convoy.json your-convoy-image:tag retry --status="Processing" --time="1h"

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