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How we got to 1k Stars on GitHub

Hi Engineer,

We are excited to share some good news with you, Convoy open-source has recently crossed 1,000 stars on GitHub. For the past 15 months since the project went live, it has been on a steady upward growth path and we are proud of everyone who is finding, starring and joining the Convoy.

Convoy Star History Screenshot

What is Convoy?

Building and managing webhooks is not such an easy thing to do and so we are championing a new product category for engineering teams that value efficiency especially with the current bear market climate. Convoy is the Webhooks Gateway for managing all your webhook events both incoming and outgoing reliably. Similar to API Gateways such as Kong but for webhooks, we provide you with all you need to securely manage millions of events all in one place with robust support for retrying, rate limiting, using static IPs, circuit breaking, and even rolling secrets.

All organic so far

As a very lean team, we chose to invest in building a world-class product within the last 12-15 months for engineering teams to rely on and focus more on their core products. This has meant that we have not been running paid advertising for Convoy; this milestone means a lot to us being that it is all organic traffic. We are an engineering-led team and we would continue to build tools for builders to keep building without much stress.

Here are a few things we believe got us to this point.

Building a Great Product

One thing we do not compromise on for any reason is the quality of the product, we are building for builders, developers, engineering teams who are in turn building some of the best products out there. When you use Convoy, you are very certain of the quality of the product you are buying and when when we say we got it, you can bank on it. We are also transparent about how we build, what we build and the thought processes behind them so that you can join the Convoy and always be up to date on that. Take a look at why we made our product roadmap public here.

Responsive Support Engineers

Speaking to a lot of Convoy community members, one thing that stand out is how fast we respond to queries for engineers, be it about a difficulty they are having around bugs, or getting feature requests. We have a growing community on Slack where you too can share your feedback or discuss any Convoy related issue. We believe strongly in Open Source Software and for us, community is at the heart of Convoy OSS today.

Consistency with Valuable Content for Engineers

If you are reading this, you might agree with us that the team at convoy is very intentional about consistently creating valuable content, around all things webhooks. This practise would always be a strong part of our culture, and will never stop. As we keep building up our library of resources, the Convoy blog will always be a go-to resource for anything webhooks, be it tutorials, thought leadership and best practices, feature reviews and anything else related to webhooks management.

Acknowledging contributors

Over 1,000 people have starred the Convoy OSS project and amongst them are project contributors who have been instrumental to this project in their own way. This is a little note of appreciation to some of them including: Ogban Ugot, Lanre Adelowo, Smart Mekiliuwa, Idiakose O. Sunday, Obba Paschal, Daniel Perrefort, Mohamed Sohail, Akinlua Bolamigbe, Akeju Fatai, Steve Dames Jr, Kinyua Jotham and many others.

Join us on the road to 5k

The next goal would be to hit 5,000 stars soon, and we cannot get there if you have not starred the project yet or told anyone about the Convoy webhook gateway. As you can tell, this has been an exciting journey for us as we make managing webhooks fast, secure and reliable for engineers. Did you know that Convoy cloud is free for developers forever? If you enjoyed reading this and you are curious, checkout the Convoy webhooks gateway today or join the community slack and share your thoughts, we cannot wait to hear from you.

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