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Making Convoy Webhooks Gateway Roadmap Public

A Public Roadmap

Convoy is the very first open-source Webhooks Gateway to exist, built for engineering teams that value efficiency in their workflow. You can easily send and receive millions of webhooks reliably using Convoy in minutes.

You can learn more about What Webhooks Gateways are here

Since December, we started publicly sharing important product updates on GitHub, such as what we have shipped, what we are currently building, and what we plan to build soon and in the future. Today, we are going to share our thoughts about why we started this, and explain why we think our public product roadmap is important.

Joining the Convoy in the front row

We are an engineering-led team that believes that builders build and we are on an important mission to empower engineering teams to be more efficient in their building process. We see our community as a movement, a literal Convoy and we want to be able to attract other developers to join this movement. Giving every developer complete front-row access to our thought process as we keep building the best Webhooks as a Service tool in the market is how we plan on making this convoy fun.

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Our bold bet: Transparency

Being truly open-source is the big bet we are making, and we are excited to share our knowledge, our product, our pricing packages, and our code. We acknowledge that we are a product of great open-source projects and cultures and we believe that we can help further this culture. To do this, and to build a sustainable business we believe we have to be truly transparent, and this is one way we are trying to do that. A great advantage of this approach of involving the community from PRDs is that by definition, these developers become our accountability partners and can hold us responsible should we deviate from our path.

Are you not afraid of Competitors stealing your ideas?

Today, we are in a relatively new space and we believe we play a significant part in defining the way people use Webhooks. Even though competitors stealing ideas is a valid concern to have, we believe the advantages of being open outweigh the cons so we are not letting it stop us from connecting with our community as open as we can. Our motivation is not competitor-based but customer-based, we are very focused on obsessing over ways to keep empowering developers toward efficiency.

How do we choose what to build first?

Last year when we started, we looked at the market and what players in the space are doing to guide our initial assumptions and how best to release features. This year, we are looking beyond that and reaching to attain thought leadership by building features that need to exist. These features tie directly back to our mission of empowering builders and making the process efficient. These, if done well will also lead to business growth and the advancement of the Webhooks Gateway space, getting more eyeballs on the product and hopefully in people’s servers too. If you connect with our mission and believe in open-source you can contribute to Convoy or submit a feature request here and we will take it from there.

Bias towards Execution

We know that great developers ship, and we will always be biased towards shipping great products to make it easier for developers to get to optimal efficiency levels by using Convoy to manage both incoming and outgoing webhooks. A good portion of this plan is to connect with, enhance and guide buying decisions. We know that a good reason why people buy some SaaS products is that they are constantly maintained and new functional features are released regularly. We always want to be associated with that image, Convoy is free for developers forever, you can see for yourself here.

Next Steps? Join Us

You can share your product ideas with us by creating an issue here or reaching out on the Community forum on Slack. Are you looking to join the Convoy in the front row? You can see the Public Roadmap here.

We also offer the best pricing in the market today so you can start sending and receiving webhooks reliably with the convoy and focus most of your resources on building your core product.

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