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Convoy is now Free Forever for Developers

Happy New Year! Today, we are making Convoy Webhooks Management Product free for all developers for life!

Free for Developers Forever

Convoy is the very first open-source Webhooks as a Service tool to exist and we are incredibly excited and committed to our growing community. We are an engineering-led team, and community is at the heart of Open Source Software. Owing to this, we are making the Free Forever commitment to all developers who value efficiency in their workflow. This means Convoy Cloud will always be free for developers forever so that they would have a reliable tool to manage their Webhooks easily. The basic idea of this offering is to make sure that at any stage you can experiment with the product, and experience enough value so you can Pay-as-you-grow.

How the Market is Pricing Today

The market is relatively new but Zapier is a market leader within the no-code Webhooks space, the image below shows what they charge for successful events or tasks.

Zapier's Pricing Page

When you compare the offering above with our offering here, you will see we are selling a lot of value for $0.

So, with Convoy’s developer plan, you can send and receive up to 150,000 Webhook events per month, get community support, and a 3-day Data Retention Policy. Our hope is to reach developers, backend engineers, software engineers, and DevOps engineers who will experience the product and in turn get their teams to join the Convoy. Time to start building!

Wait, What’s The Catch?

The catch is that we understand this is a new product category and we are biased towards making sure any developer can take Convoy for a spin quickly without any commitments. We want to support builders because we believe they change the world, just like we are doing today with Convoy.

We also know that the current climate with capital is affecting how engineers use scarce resources, and with recent layoffs, we think a lot of engineers are going to start exploring interesting product ideas so we are providing upfront value that would eventually get them to join the Convoy.

Pay as You Grow

This new year, Convoy Cloud has been reimagined and is now battle-tested and Enterprise-ready to scale with you. We are going to be completely transparent with you about our plans, starting with announcing new pricing packages that better reflect our market position today for businesses of all sizes from Startups to Mid-market companies to Enterprise partners.

Convoy's Pricing Page

As we continue to champion all things Webhooks and contribute to developing this product category, we will keep experimenting with Pricing. However, we are very committed to providing the best value in the market at all times from our standpoint and we will be transparent about any future changes and our thought process.

We adopted straightforward usage-based pricing because we identified the most important parts of Convoy cloud that drive the most value, we looked at the B2B SAAS market for Devtools and the market landscape for APIs to come up with these.

The Startup Plan

This plan for $60/month is designed for businesses that send or receive more than 150,000 Webhook events to up to 1.5 million Webhook events per month. It comes with a 30-day Data Retention policy and has unlimited seats with customer service support.

The Scale Plan

This plan for $700/month is designed for businesses that send or receive more than 1.6 million Webhook events to up to 20 million Webhook events per month. It comes with a 3-Months Data Retention policy and has unlimited seats with customer service support.

The Enterprise Plan

Anything above 20 million Webhook events per month qualifies for our Enterprise Partnership Program with a Dedicated Customer Success staff and Enterprise Pricing package deal.

Why Convoy?

Convoy is a reliable Webhooks-as-a-Service tool for both sending and receiving Webhooks securely. Built for developers who value efficiency, our Webhooks delivery infrastructure ensures you can publish millions of Webhook events at scale in a matter of minutes, and with open-source software, customer data never has to leave your infrastructure.

With even more features like Payload search, Subscription filtering by event body, and event header, and the ability to route Webhooks to your local system, this is the best tool to manage all your Webhooks at any scale. We are a very hands-on, engineering-led team and we make at least one release per month.

Next Steps ==> Join the Convoy

Start your journey to engineering efficiency today with Convoy Cloud. If you are curious about the future of Convoy, take a look at our regularly updated Public Roadmap and Star the Project to Support us. You can also ask any questions you have on our Community forum on Slack, we are excited to meet you.

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